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The Montclair Neighborhood
By Thomas J. Noel and William J. Hansen, Photography by Jeff Padrick

Discover the castle-crowned Denver suburb created by Baron von Richthofen.

The Baron supposedly lived in this gate house during construction of his massive medieval castle at 1177 Pontiac Street. After his dashes about the Montclair environs, he may have tied his horses to a red sandstone hitching post like that seen here. A windmill and water tank originally topped this carriage house and horse barn. These once supplied potable water to the baron's entire estate via a 90-foot well inside the building and more than a mile of lead pipes. The parapeted front and side gables and Romanesque archways of this rusticated rhyolite structure echo the castle's medieval mode. After the Hendries bought the castle, they expanded the carriage house to accommodate automobiles and servants' quarters.

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