*Sold Out* Victorian Horrors, October 14, 6pm entry

10/14/2022 06:00 PM MT


  • $22.00


Molly Brown House Museum
1340 Pennsylvania St
Denver, CO 80203


*Sold Out* for this time and date

“You promised to show me some fine effects of moonlight and smoke.”
― H.G. Wells, The Cone

The ghosts of Victorian Horrors past are rising as we return for our 29th year of visits from both the spirit and mortal worlds. Join us in creeping from room to room hearing tales directly from gothic greats and some notable locals. Our small group sizes will allow for a more meaningful communion with the dead.

  • All guests are required to wear masks while in the museum and gift shop.
  • Your on-site experience will involve climbing or descending more than 50 steps during your time in the house.
  • Your visit with the spirits will be approximately 45-60 minutes--your presence enlivens their lonely existence.
  • Ghosts don't do tours. Please join us in daylight hours if you'd like to spend time looking at the house.
  • Tickets are non-transferable and non-refundable.

*If stairs pose a problem, please call us at 303-832-4092 ext. 16 to discuss alternatives.