Titanic and the Irish with Charles Haas

06/18/2022 04:00 PM - 06:00 PM MT


  • $10.00  -  Virtual
  • $25.00  -  In-Person


Talnua Distillery OR Zoom
5405 W 56th Ave
Arvada, CO 80002
Building Number: Unit C


For in-person ticket holders, the evening will start at 4:00 pm with a whiskey tasting session at our host location - Talnua Distillery. The tasting will be followed by a presentation from Museum staff on the connections between Margaret Brown, Ireland, and the Titanic. From the Talnua tap room, we will virtually welcome world-renowned Titanic scholar Charles Haas who will share stories and answer questions about his conversations with Titanic survivors and his experiences visiting the Titanic wreck site. The evening will wrap up with our friends at Irish Network Colorado who will share their efforts to memorialize Colorado’s Irish of days past.


For virtual ticket holders joining us from around the world, the live virtual presentation with Titanic scholar Charles Haas will begin at 5:00 pm MT followed by a moderated Q&A. 

Charles Haas is a retired high school English and Journalism teacher living in Randolph, New Jersey. Mr. Haas’s interest in ships was sparked by his grandfather, who managed a New York stevedoring company. He introduced Charles to ocean liners through the windows of his office, which overlooked New York Harbor. His grandfather also loaned him a copy of A Night to Remember, thus beginning a lifelong interest in the Titanic. In high school and college, he studied microfilm of newspapers’ coverage of the disaster. Mr. Haas is co-founder and current president of the Titanic International Society and served as editor of their journal, Voyage. A lifetime highlight for Mr. Haas was making dives to the Titanic wreck in 1993 and 1996. He has narrated the program “Titanic: Untold Stories,” was a member of the 1998 expedition to the wreck and has contributed to the design of artifact exhibitions, was a featured speaker on the 2012 Titanic Memorial Cruise and has appeared in numerous television documentaries. With co-author John P. Eaton, he has written five books including Titanic: Triumph and Tragedy and Titanic: Destination Disaster. Join the Titanic International Society at: https://titanicinternationalsociety.org/

Talnua Distillery is born of the Irish-Gaelic words ‘Talamh’, meaning ‘Land’, and ‘Nua’, meaning ‘New’. Talnua has a passion for bringing an old-world style of distilling to the new land with an American Single Pot Still for exploring a whole new world of character and flavor. Visit them at 5405 W 56th Ave, Unit C Arvada, CO 80002 or https://www.talnua.com/

Join us in 2022 for the Molly Brown House Museum’s A Deeper Dive! A Deeper Dive is our speaker series to accompany the Titanic exhibit, shown throughout the house from April-September. In this series hosted by museum staff and Titanic experts (and others!) we'll discuss the stories within the larger story of the Titanic disaster.