Salon Series / Women's Autonomy: My Body, No Choice?

06/01/2022 06:00 PM - 07:30 PM MT


  • Free


Molly Brown House Museum
1340 Pennsylvania St
Denver, CO 80203


Women's health has again been in the headlines. Starting in Margaret Brown's time, we'll look at the history and politics of women and trans people's healthcare to better understand where we are today and what life-altering changes may lie ahead.

Join us in 2022 for the Molly Brown House Museum’s Salon Series! The Salon Series is a FREE community conversation hosted by museum staff and community advocates to discuss current issues regarding gender rights. Using the story of Margaret Brown and looking back into history, together we will discover how we’ve arrived at this moment and what we might do collectively to address issues. While this series is free, you must register to attend.