1340 Penn/After Hours: Escape the Titanic! 6:15 PM entry

03/10/2022 06:15 PM MT


  • $20.00


Molly Brown House Museum
1340 Pennsylvania St
Denver, CO 80203


It’s 1:20 am April 15, 1912. You are locked in the bowels of the ship with your fellow 3rd class passengers as the Titanic begins its descent into the ocean. Can you solve the puzzles to travel from deck to deck and get on a lifeboat before the ship becomes fully submerged?

This will be an in-person event lasting approximately one hour. Entry every 15 minutes starting at 6pm, last entry at 8pm. Max 6 people per entry time.

Margaret’s 1340 Penn/After Hours are filled with chilling tales and taboo topics! From sassy suffragists to soulful spirits, see 1340 Penn in a whole new light!