Salon Series: All Who Need Aid; Colorado Women in the Spotlight

09/05/2019 05:30 PM - 07:00 PM MT


  • Free


Denver Women's Press Club
1325 Logan St
Denver, CO 80203
United States of America


This free Salon night will be held at the Denver Women’s Press Club, located at 1325 Logan Street, just one block from the Molly Brown House Museum. We will be joined by women’s history scholar Marcia Goldstein and our friends from the Colorado Women’s Hall of Fame as we look at the influential women in Colorado’s past and how they have shaped our present.

The theme for 2019’s Salon Series is identifying and telling underrepresented women’s stories and finding the causes and issues that encourage gender equality. Stay tuned via, or follow us on social media for information on the remaining Salon Series event to be held on Nov. 14. 

This event is free to the public but you must register to attend.

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